• DKCH NOCH Lawaetz Danes Blue Cool Legacy

    DOB. 01.03.2015

    HD: A
    ED: 0
    Heart: clear
    Thyroid: normal

    DNA color test: carries only for blue

    DKK reg. no. DK03770/2015

    Stud book no. 037DC and CRUFTS qualified for life

    link to DKK dogweb: https://www.hundeweb.dk/dkk/hdb/openPage/hundeweb/index.html?HUID=DK03770/2015

  • USCH CGC Magic's Ferdinand Knopf

    DOB 10.02.2002

    HD: B
    ED: 0
    Heart: clear

    DNA color test - carrires for fawn

    AKC WR 06108505

    link to OFA: http://www.ofa.org/display.html?appnum=1070153#animal

4 generation pedigree from dogweb